Friends, Family, BBQ and Beer

First and foremost, I need it to be known that the most amazing and wonderful human being on the planet has asked me to marry him!  I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve such a caring, selfless and loving man but boy do I thank my lucky stars EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. for him.  That being said…..

I’m getting’ married, bitches!

Ok ok ok….. I might be a little over the moon excited about marrying Jason.  Just a tad bit anyways.

This is a second marriage for both of us.  We have both been divorced over 8 years (our divorces were finalized exactly 2 months apart).  We have two separate households, routines, bills, kids, responsibilities, etc.  So, having a wedding isn’t necessarily something important to either of us.  Don’t get me wrong, we are incredibly excited and cannot wait to get married.  We just aren’t flashy people. My parents spent a small fortune on my first wedding.  That was a huge waste of money.  But I was young and wanted to feel like a princess even though I didn’t feel like one in my relationship.  Well, that is definitely not the case this time around.  Jason treats me like a queen.  And because of that, all I care about in this wedding planning business is becoming Mrs. Van and spending my life with him.  And basically, you can do that at the justice of the peace.

The day Jason and I say “I do” it will be about our two families coming together as one. That is what is truly important to us. Our kids are the only people who will be standing up for us. Akela (my future daughter) is my only bridesmaid (and coincidentally will be spoiled the rest of her life because I will finally have a daughter – I digress). Landon and Brayden will stand next to Jason. In fact, Landon is walking me down the ‘aisle’ and giving me away. (I write ‘aisle’ because it’s not much of an aisle as it is more of a graveled area of approximately 10-15 steps) The only reason we are having a wedding ceremony is for the kids. They deserve to be a part of our special day. It’s tough being a kid raised by your single parent without a lot of help from the other side. (And by help, I mean guidance, mentoring, communication, etc.) So, they deserve the party.

Our wedding isn’t going to flashy or lavish.  It isn’t going to be expensive.  But it is going to be filled with friends, family, bbq and beer.

4 thoughts on “Friends, Family, BBQ and Beer”

  1. It’s all about what you want. You know this is my second time around….his too. We rented out a working mill, got married in the grove of trees near the railroad tracks behind the mill and had a very small celebration in the mill. Justin walked me down the gravel path, Amanda stood for me and Terry’s oldest son stood for him. We had only our very closest friends and immediate family there. Maybe 50-60 people tops. A friend who owns a restaurant prepared the food and drinks and another friend gifted us a small cake to cut and cupcakes for our guests. It was perfect for us just as I know whatever you plan will be perfect for the two… correction 5 of you! You are such a wonderful woman and I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to be on your journey no matter how small the part, and see how you have grown as a person. Love you girl and wish you nothing but happiness.

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  2. My first wedding was the Princess wedding, big, 150 in attendance, beautiful wedding, perfect weather, but the man I married, changed his mind 5 years into our marriage and had an affair that resulted in another child. I chose to move on without him. I met the man of my dreams in the fall of 1997 when I moved to NC. We met at the county fair, I call him my stalker, he followed me around the fair with his girls. We finally met up at the ferris wheel where he hopped on with us, introduced himself and that was the start. By the time the evening was over, he had my # and I waited anxiously for his call. The following evening it came. We talked every night that week and weeks on end for at least 2+ hours every evening. After 2 months of dating he said he was going to marry me, I felt the opposite. My divorce was painful and left me scarred and never wanting to marry again. He pursued me to no avail and in Sept of 1999 we married. It was a simple wedding, destroyed by Hurricane Flloyd! My daughter walked me down the aisle, my youngest stepdaughter was my bridesmaid and the oldest stepdaughter our “best person” standing by her father. We had 10 in attendance as the storm flooded roads for family to be in attendance, but the most important members were there, our kids. We just celebrated our 20th anniversary and I’d do it all over again, just wish I could have met him sooner so I could have loved him longer. Simple is best. I’d do it in jeans and boots if he asked me again, on a mountain top or by a sunset, but I’d do it all over again. Wishing you both the very best, its always better the second time around!

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    1. Oh my I just LOVE that story. ❤️. I would have to agree, the second time around is best. I’ve never been happier and I too wish I could have met him sooner so I could love him longer. Thank you for sharing your sweet story with me.


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