About Me

I still remember my preschool graduation like it was yesterday.  I was dressed in yellow tights, a yellow leotard with a yellow tutu to complete the outfit (If you are imagining a miniature Big Bird, you are not far off).  I leapt from one side of the stage to the other with my head held high.  Smiling, I walked up to the microphone with as much confidence as a five year old little girl could exude, and proudly stated to the audience, “When I grow up I want to be a ballerina” before skipping off the stage as my ringlet curls bounced behind me.    

I never did become a ballerina. 

Fast forward a few (or 30) years and I did become a divorced, single mom with two college degrees, and a flock of backyard chickens. 

I am far from being what that five year old little girl dreamt of being so many years ago.  Oh well.  Life happens.  And then you buy some chickens.   

Thank you for visiting my page.  I hope you enjoy This Unexpected Life